2 to 3 Montessori

Childhood is measured by sounds / and smells and sights, before / the dark hour of reason grows.~John Betjeman

What's included for two- to three-year-olds:

Website access to documents and articles on:
  • how to start, where to begin
  • frequently asked questions about how to create a Montessori home environment
  • creating activities
  • observing your child in the Montessori environment
  • get free or cheap materials for making activities
  • supplies and a must-have Montessori materials lists
  • recommended book list
  • storing materials & activities
  • creating a budget
  • forums and blogs to join for support
  • suggested weekly and monthly timelines.
Website access to links to affordable and free public Montessori material PDF downloads (when applicable)

Website access to Montessori lesson activities in Practical Life, Sensorial, Zoology, Science, Art, Language, Math, Geography, and Social Grace & Courtesy.

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"Hi! thanks so much for the wonderful resources. we are living in sakhalin, russia so we are so excited that with your program stephen will be able to experience the montessori methods. thanks again!" --jackie

"I finally had a chance to explore your program and I must say that I really LOVE it.  The information you share is amazing!  The sites that you have listed and the you tube videos are filled with more information than I ever expected for the small fee that you charge.  I am so happy to have found you!!  The children in my care and I will benefit from your ideas and research.  Thanks again for all of the guidance."--Pam K.

"I love your site-it's exactly what I spent 6 months looking for!  BTW, the biggest help was the daily routine and how you set things up--knowing what someone elses Prepared Environment looked like really helped in creating ours. And, when you get your child a plant to take care of, don't get a cactus. Thanks for your help!"--Peggy

"I loved your program. I found it very helpful.... I teach head start in San Diego. We are not Montessori but I have the training and try to add Montessori when possible. Your [web]site was very good."--Diane Sabeghi

"Thanks again for all of the easy to understand links and info. One of the things that grated on my nerves about my Montessori training was the all or nothing approach.  I felt like if the children picked up something the wrong way all was lost.  I don't feel that judgment from your material.  I know it is best to hold as fast and true to the original as possible but sometimes it isn't practical.  I am looking forward to integrating as much Montessori  as possible into my own style of teaching with my children. This is definitely giving me a place to start."--Cheryl