Montessori and the Adolescent--In the Age of COVID (podcast episode)

black and white image of young man walking on railroad

Given the past two years of living with COVID in the age of social media, I decided to re-post Maria Montessori's "The Mind of the 12 to 18-Year-Old" and her "Prepared Environment for 12 to 18-Year-Olds: the Erkinder (Earth Children)." Why? Because of how living with the realities of COVID--and the overuse of social media--might be affecting our teenagers: anxiety, anger, depression, trauma, eating disorders, drug use, isolation, loneliness, suicidal thoughts; and what makes 12 to 18-year-olds more susceptible to these feelings--in the eyes of Montessori.

It was so enlightening to read her words, her philosophy, and her methodology, and how potent and relevant they STILL are. (This is a re-post. I originally posted it after the Florida Parkland school shooting in 2018.)