Montessori Classroom Drop-off and Goodbye Tips (Podcast episode)

Young child pointing her finger at the camera
This Confessions of a Montessori Mom podcast episode was based on a short and sweet blog post I wrote a while back, (read it down below)!

My son cries when I drop him off at his Montessori school, can you help?! ~Catherine

Hi Catherine! It can happen at age three when preschool starts! It can even happen at age five when Kindergarten starts! Children are attached to their mommies, but they also copy other tots, toddlers, and preschoolers who cry when they are dropped off. 

My son went through that type of phase. He started a daycare program at 18 months and only started crying when he saw other tots and toddlers cry. But he got over it. 

Two hours is a good amount of time, it's not like you are leaving her there while you go to work for eight hours! You need to make sure you keep your goodbyes very, very short. EVERY daycare, preschool, and any experienced Kindergarten teacher will tell you that. So a quick drop is best, one hug, one kiss, one wave goodbye, and go. 

Your child will learn from the other tots how to play at daycare and how to (hopefully) not cry! 

She needs to form an attachment to the daycare teacher, and that takes time. Be patient, and give her a chance to become independent (it will be harder if you take her out of the daycare and try again at 18 months in a toddler class). Having said that, if she is still crying after 30 days of being there, talk with the school about bringing her back in January and trying again if they have an opening... or look at other daycares including in-home daycare. 

Some infants and tots and toddlers do better in a home environment. And sometimes you just don't know why your little one doesn't fit. 

My son went to the daycare next door to my house and hated it. She was a lovely woman! And my neighbor! I finally gave up after a few months and tried again a few months later with another daycare. Perfect match. He's been going there for almost four years! So hang in there but if things don't get better after 30 days, wait until January or try an in-home daycare. Hope that helps! (I think I just wrote my next blog post!)