Am I doing the best Montessori job for my infant?

Mom holding her infant over her shoulder as he smiles

I've read several books so far about Montessori and I am slowly implementing it into my routine with my son (he is 13-months-old now)...I get a little nervous as I wonder if I'm missing those windows of opportunity...however I don't see him ever really getting absorbed and concentrating on any one item...And I'm having a hard time rotating items mostly because I don't know what to rotate with as he doesn't seem to like anything...I also get worried that I should forgo safety and allow him to explore--instead, I feel like I'm backtracking and saying no to things, but I try to remember that I'm a mom first and a teacher second.

Exploring is the key for your 13-month-old son, especially gross motor and oral (mouthing). So try to keep making the home safe for him to explore, as well as let him mouth safe objects that you can throw in the dishwasher!

If there are stairs in your home, he can begin to crawl up and down them...As for your kitchen, if you have toddler locks on the drawers and cabinets, a few of them can be left open for him to explore, and filled with kitchen towels and oven mitts, a few plastic bowls and containers, and salad spoons.

As for "windows of opportunity" the truth is you will catch most of them--and maybe not all of them--and that's OK! You already have a head start! I've consulted many families who did not start Montessori until age four or five (or even older). And oh, how they regretted not starting earlier! But better late than never.

If you feel like you are just spinning your wheels, then stop rotating for a while, and or leave everything out (I still battle with this! We have a small house and I still rotate...but then I often put everything out! And I go back and forth! And there are times I can't find anything my son is interested in! Turns out recently he was wanting to spend more time outside so I focused more on outside activities--that, and going to the library with him.)

As for being a mom first and a teacher will be a much happier mom, too, for doing so! (I have to hold back the teacher in me, too!)

~Lisa Nolan

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