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A heart-felt letter from Viviane (Why I do what I do!)
(Member of my infant and tot programs)

hello Mearth,

i cannot thank you enough for the wonderful tools you have providedme, i was a bit insecure and confused with all what is proposed and available for christina's age [infant to young tot] and couldn't organize myself and decide what to do. your programs [were] perfect, they gave me peace of mind and lots of free time to actually play and do things with christina [now a toddler] instead of searching and preparing, and still have lots of time to work on my special needs daughter, Isa. so where are we now...

christina is an amazing 20 month old, i get lots of positive comments and admiration from everybody on how wonderfully she is developing. the thing they find hard to understand, i didn't practically do much. i followed lots of montessori principle i learned from your [infant and young tot] programs, provided the right environment, step[ping] back and let[ting] her lead. her language is amazing, she can already speak in 5 words sentences, [has] a vocabulary that i lost count of, there is nothing she cannot say, and if you tell her the name of a new object it takes one time and she [gets] it. her love to music is remarkable, the way she moves her body to music, the expression on her face changes with the music we play...

she is a very social child able to play and interacts with others, [while] still learning about sharing with others, but greeting people, saying hello, giving hugs... she has no problem with that. physically, she doesn't need a push chair anymore, [she] joins us in our daily walk on her feet, and she can go forever and doesn't get tired. she is very active, has amazing sense of balance, runs instead of walks, and [un]till now she never bruised herself from a fall, she knows how to bounce back up and carry on playing happily. i can go on and on.

i feel really blessed. in the beginning i panicked and was worried i might not be able to be fair, taking care of both her and her special needs sister. the love they have for each other, the sight of [them] hugging, kissing, asking for her [special need] sister all the time is priceless and so heart warming. i think having a special needs sister affected her in a beautiful way and made her the special toddler she is now.

i do want to continue your programs beyond 18 months, friends around me and mothers of toddlers in our baby group are already looking for nurseries and schools, and i am horrified when i think of sending her away. there is a lot we can do together, and with the help of your programs, it is so easy to do it at home. i do hope i will be able to homeschool her.

[i] cannot wait to see what is next in your programs. please tell me how i can help you in return to thank you for all those valuable [words of] advice.

love from all my family
Viviane, Mum to Isa  (14 years old - BI- ABRing since May 2001) and Christina (20 months old)
Gambia - West Africa