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A heart-felt letter from Lianne
(Member of my infant and tot programs)

I read about the Montessori method before Sophie was born. My husband and his family are very mainstream and did not warm to the idea of Sophie sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I too was in love with the beautiful cot we bought her. However, my husband was supportive of me providing Sophie with wooden and material toys instead of plastic, reading her books from birth, teaching her to drink from a cup instead of a bottle and providing her with Montessori based activities.

It was only after months of failed attempts to have Sophie sleep in her cot that my husband allowed me to trial the floor bed. It worked almost immediately and we have not looked back. Seeing Sophie developing her fine and large motor skills so quickly and doing things he did not think possible for a child her age (like holding and drinking from a cup by herself at 8 months of age), I think must have changed his perspective on the method. He then built a table and chair for Sophie and has helped me create many other Montessori based activities for her to explore.

Sophie is a happy and joyous child and I know this is because of the Montessori environment she has been exposed to and because she has access to a wide range of everyday objects that most parents are reluctant to let their babies explore, as they require close supervision (bark, rocks, twigs, animals, insects, dirt, sand, water etc). I also believe that being allowed to play (work) on her own for long periods without interruption or interference has helped her develop concentration and serenity. I'm sure all the love she gets helps too  :)

Unfortunately, my husband and I are not able to send Sophie to a Montessori pre-school. There is only one in our city and it is located too far away from our home or work. It is for this reason that I subscribed to your lessons. I am still working on my husband to allow her to attend a Montessori school at a later age. If not, I will supplement her schooling with Montessori lessons.

I feel very passionate about the Montessori method and would love to see more parents creating a Montessori environment for their children. It is such a wondrous and beautiful way to introduce your child to the world.

I have to thank you for taking the initiative to set up such a wonderful program and for making it available to parents all over the world. Both Sophie and I look forward to your lessons each week.