Welcome to Montessori on a Budget's (formerly Montessori for the Earth's) Lower Montessori Elementary

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PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell "manuals"; and we do not "email programs." All of our program are accessed through our Ning network for which you need a username (which will be your email) and a password. We cannot do that for you.

TO REPEAT: After you pay for our program/s, please go to our Ning network, create a username (which will be your email) and a password HERE http://montessorifortheearth.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp 

"I don't use PayPal, etc., is there another way to pay?"

Yes, we accept Amazon.com email gift cards. Use the following email for the gift card: newmearth (at) yahoo (dot) com. You will get an auto-respond email (an automatic reply email) with further directions and information.