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About The Montessori and Homeschool Programs

"I have truly enjoyed reading the materials....  Thank you!  They were a blessing to my day.  I learned many things already and was inspired to reorganize my environment.... Thank you for the reminder of how precious children are and that I am the example and I [should] rise to the occasion more."--Nancy Pendergast

In a nutshell: We offer online Montessori and homeschool lesson plans for infants, toddlers, preschool, Kindergarten, and special needs children. Designed for parents, homeschoolers and educators who are new to Montessori and want to incorporate Montessori into their home, classroom, or daycare setting. Our lesson plans and articles and PDFs are easy to download and save to your computer. Most have pictures, some have picture galleries (multiple pictures), a few are text only. You can also request pictures. Access to my Montessori books in PDF (depending on the age of your child).

Homeschool friendly: Our programs are homeschool friendly, giving special care to parents and educators who want to teach Montessori at home or as an addition to their other curricula.

How to make your own materials: Most of the lesson plans include how to make your own materials, affordably.

Our Montessori programs are ideal for: 1) Parents and homeschoolers who are new to Montessori. 2) Daycare providers who want to incorporate Montessori activities in their home daycare. 3) Children who need one-on-one instruction, sensorial hands-on learning, and learn-at-your-own-pace education. 4) Special need children with middle to high functioning.

What this program is NOT: This is not a training course. Sorry! This is not a course that certifies Montessori teachers (or schools). Montessori training courses are expensive, taught at a Montessori school or center, and are accredited by a Montessori organization. See a short list here.

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